US Funds Militant Anti-Mullah Organization In Iran

From Raw Story:

 … terrorist organization known as Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) is being used on the ground in Iran by the Pentegon, bypassing US intelligence channels. The report was subsequently covered by the Asia Times (Article).

Military and intelligence sources now say no Presidential finding exists on MEK ops. Without a presidential finding, the operation circumvents the oversight of the House and Senate Intelligence committees.

Congressional aides for the relevant oversight committees would not confirm or deny allegations that no Presidential finding had been done. One Democratic aide, however, wishing to remain anonymous for this article, did say that any use of the MEK would be illegal.

In addition, sources say that a March attack that killed 22 Iranian officials in the province of Sistan va Baluchistan was carried out by the MEK.

According to a report by Iran Focus filed Mar. 23, the twenty-two people killed in the ambush included high ranking officials, including the governor of Zahedan.

"Hours after the attack took place, Ahmadi-Moqaddam announced there was evidence the assailants had held meetings with British intelligence officers," the Iranian news service reported.

"Radical Shiite cleric Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi also claimed the people behind the attack were the same as those behind a spate of bombings in Iran’s south-western province of Khuzestan earlier this year and in 2005," it added.

Military and intelligence sources say that MEK assets were responsible for this attack, but did not know if the US military was involved or if US military assets were part of the ambush.

One former high ranking US intelligence official described the use of MEK as more of a "Cambone" operation than a "Department of Defense operation."

Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence Stephen Cambone, a stalwart neo-conservative, is considered by many to be Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s right-hand man.

During a White House briefing in early May, outgoing press secretary Scott McClellan denied that the administration was using MEK, among several other terrorist organizations named, for ground activity in Iran.

"There are numerous reports about low-intensity operations ongoing in Iran from three different places — PKK going over the border into Iraq, the MEK southern border of Iraq into Iran, and also certain operations from Balochistan involving also the Pakistanis," a reporter asked. "Does the U.S. have a policy, given also reports which I know you won't comment on, on possible special forces operations in Iran?"

"Our policies haven't changed on those organizations," McClellan said. "They remain the same. And you're bringing up organizations that we view as terrorist organizations."

"We would never cooperate with them, in terms of—" the questioner continued.

"Our policy hasn't changed," McClellan replied.

One Response to US Funds Militant Anti-Mullah Organization In Iran

  1. Fues Fission says:

    An email I sent Joe Biden after reading this on friday. How much longer is this administration going to be permitted to act as if, no, not as if, traitors to our country. What is wrong that congress and the senate do not come together to stop this desecration of our constitution, this should not be a partisan issue.
    I just read of a carrier group heading for the gulf, and that a
    MEK-Mujahedeen e Khalq- attacked and killed 22 Iranian officials in the
    provence of Sistan va Baluchistan. A war under any circumstance is horrific,
    a preemptive war with Iran will have consequences beyond the control of
    anybody here in America and as you should know by now there was no plan for
    Iraq that made any sense at all, hence the complete chaos of the present,
    not to mention the complete and utter fucking ignorance of those who planned
    it. I am not going to be nice or polite to you, show you any respect or
    deference when I say; get your fellow fucking members of the senate and
    house together and do something besides argue over semantics or some other
    inconsequential bit of useless garbage, forget about your party
    affiliations-this war some want so vehemently-they cannot be possessed of
    anything resembling wisdom, is and will be the most colossal blunder in the
    history of the United States of America. They might not like my words but I
    know that I speak for a majority of Americans. We do not want this.

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