Foggo-Wilkes Probe Widens

May 18, 2006

From ABC News:

Sources close to the widening probe of official corruption in Washington tell ABC News that investigators are studying travel records of expensive trips to Hawaii and Europe taken by top CIA official Dusty Foggo and San Diego defense contractor Brent Wilkes.

Prosecutors want to know who paid for the lavish trips to European castles and top end Hawaiian resorts, including this $7,000 a night Honolulu beachfront mansion, owned at one time by hair stylist super-star Paul Mitchell.

Wilkes, a close personal friend of Foggo is suspected of paying bribes to Congressman Duke Cunningham, who recently pled guilty in the corruption investigation.


FBI Raids Foggo’s House

May 13, 2006

From ABC News:

Foggo: First Public Corruption Case in CIA History

The FBI raid on the home and office of the Executive Director of the CIA took place this morning, seizing business records, computer hard drives and other information in what is the first significant public corruption scandal in the history of the nation's premier intelligence agency.  Officials said the raid took place at 6 a.m. Agents from the FBI, the IRS, the Criminal Investigative Division of the Pentagon and the CIA's Inspector General's office were involved in the raid.

The outgoing Executive Director of the CIA, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, announced his resignation last Monday — the first business day after his boss, CIA Director Porter Goss, stepped down. In itself the move was unusual. In the past, the senior operational officers have always remained in place for several weeks or months while a new director moves in and acclimates to the Langley Virginia based agency's culture.

News of Foggo's hasty departure was first reported by ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross, along with disclosures of a career marked by ethical lapses and documented insubordination long before Foggo's current place at the center of an FBI probe into sweetheart sole-source government contracts signed or overseen by Foggo and the possibility of kickbacks.

The Foggo criminal probe is being conducted parallel to an internal investigation by the CIA Inspector General, which is said to be reviewing each and every contract Foggo signed or oversaw during the time he headed a CIA administrative section and during a period where he was the chief logistical support officer at the CIA's largest resupply base which is located at a Frankfurt, Germany airbase.

CIA #3, Under Investigation, Quits Agency

May 9, 2006

First Porter Goss, now Kyle Foggo.  It makes me wonder how senior members of the Bush administration are not considering jumping out of windows.  Damage control mode must be in overdrive in the west wing.



…Earlier today, the agency circulated an internal announcement that agency’s third ranking official, Kyle (Dusty) Foggo, has decided to step aside. News of Foggo’s departure inevitably will be overshadowed by the Hayden nomination, but its effects will continue to resonate within the agency. As NEWSWEEK first reported, the CIA’s inspector general has been investigating whether Foggo helped steer agency contracts to companies run by Brent Wilkes, a defense contractor who was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator when former San Diego congressman and ex-Navy air ace Randy (Duke) Cunningham pleaded guilty in a Congressional bribery scandal. The CIA has acknowledged that its internal watchdog is investigating whether Foggo helped steer any contracts to Wilkes, an old friend. The inspector general was looking into at least one specific contract, worth between $2 million and $3 million, which a CIA base in Germany granted to a company run by a relative of Wilkes. At the time the contract was issued, Foggo headed the CIA base’s logistics office, though he did not sign the contract.